DVD - Forearm Dance Massage with Val Guin

Forearm Dance DVD

DVD - Forearm Dance Massage with Val Guin

Learn the Essentials and Advanced Levels of the Forearm Dance from the creator, Val Guin. You will learn to give an effective, satisfying massage with the depth your clients are looking for, all through the use of the Forearm as your tool. 

Val's mission: Create A Stronger Practice, Create A Stronger Life, Enjoy The Dance! 

You'll see both men and women working on a wide variety of body shapes and sizes. 

She teaches Foundation Exercises, which includes: Neutral Shoulder, Neutral Neck, Retractions, The Use of scarf for isometrics, Adductor Activations, and many more, all which will increase strength and prevent injury. The exercises are designed to be simple yet dynamic and easily applied to your own life.