DVD - Nerve Mobilization: Neck, Arm and Hand with Doug Alexander

DVD - Nerve Mobilization: Neck, Arm and Hand DVD

DVD - Nerve Mobilization: Neck, Arm and Hand with Doug Alexander


The most complete and advanced treatment for the arm! 

This DVD covers advanced nerve tension tests that will allow the therapist to precisely evaluate the median, ulnar, and radial nerves to discover exactly where they are impinged.

Then Doug Alexander will lead you through over 65 soft tissue techniques.
These include myofascial release techniques, fluid (lymphatic) techniques, and muscle release techniques as well as direct nerve gliding and stretching.
Each technique is designed to free restrictions along the path of the nerve and normalize tissue function from the neck to the hand.
Great for carpal tunnel syndrome, golfer’s elbow, tennis elbow, numbness, tingling, weakness, wrist pain, epicondylitis, and more!

OMERI NEWSLETTER says: “This disc is an excellent resource to enhance your understanding of both evaluation and treatment methods for these problematic conditions and I would highly recommend it.” Whitney Lowe.

TEACHER: Doug Alexander, BSc, RMT, has been studying and practicing massage therapy for over 20 years.
He is the founder of The Journal of Soft Tissue Manipulation and has published over 30 papers in the massage literature.
Doug brings a solid academic, kinesthetic and heart centered focus to the study of Massage Therapy. He currently is a massage instructor at Algonquin College in Canada

Length: 127 min.
Format: DVD all countries
Detailed evaluation
16 bodywork sessions
Subtle to deep depending on your client

Expand your knowledge, increase treatment effectiveness. For yourself and your patients- increase your knowledge, extend your massage career with this treatment-focussed DVD.