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Tables and Massage Equipment for Professional RMTs
Tables and Massage Equipment for Professional RMTs

Pisces New Wave II Lite Massage Table Package


Available by special order! Please call the store 1-800-875-9706 Prices subject to change.

New Wave II Lite Massage Table from Pisces

The lightest full size massage table available - a remarkable 20 1/2 lbs.

Included in the package with the table:

Double Tilt Face Rest W/memory Foam Cushion, Economy Travel Case, Arm Sling

You'll be smiling when you carry the New Wave II table. It's effortless. You'll also avoid straining or injuring yourself, saving your energy for your clients. And your clients will love the added comfort from our innovative woven web top.

Industrial strength Tubular Frame

  • All corners rounded for comfort and beauty

  • Welded hinges and diagonal brace brackets

  • Nylon washers and bushings at all joints provide friction free and absolute quiet operation 

TUBULAR FRAME - Our original Aluminum Tubular Frame has many advantages over wood frames:

  • Industrial strength
  • Longer life
  • One, continuous piece of tubing without corner joints
  • Permanently welded where the two ends meet
  • All corners rounded (eight corners per table)
  • Not Subject to the effects of moisture, as is wood
  • No cracking, splitting or vulnerable corner joints

WELDED HINGES - Hinges are permanently welded to the frame for strength and lifetime security. There are no piano hinges with screws to loosen or come out over time. Diagonal brackets integrated into the hinges are also permanently welded to the frame for strength and lifetime security.

VERSA-CABLE SYSTEM™ - With our original patented Versa-Cable System, our tables are not only stronger, but lay flat on the floor for shiatsu ect., without the hassle and risk of disconnecting and reconnecting cables.

ROUNDED CORNERS - Seamless, rounded corners allow for greater ease of movement around the table. It also has a softer, more attractive look then square cornered tables.

VELCRO LATCH - Open and close your table easily and quickly. Without external hardware, your table is left with a clean and streamlined appearance, and you avoid injuring yourself on open latches.

U-HOOK UPHOLSTER SYSTEM™ - Your table will last forever, but eventually, the foam and fabric will wear. With our innovative upholstery system, you can change the color of your table or replace worn fabric easily in your own home. There are no staples to remove and reinstall. The fabric is merely pulled around the frame and hooked onto velcro fastening strips.

WOVEN WEB TOP™ - Polywebbing top is strong but light weight with minimal flexion. Though this resembles lawn furniture, we use a much heavier and stronger webbing. Our special web attachment hardware spreads the stress over a wide area of the webbing, assuring years of continuous use. Because there is a slight "give", client comfort is increased.

Pisces New Wave II Lite Massage Table

  • Length: 73"
  • Width: 29" or 31"
  • Height: 24" to 33"
  • Maximum Static Weight: 2,000 lbs.
  • Maximum Working Load: 500 lbs

In the Notes section of your order, add your Upholstery colour selection, Size (29" or 31"), Frame colour choice (almond or black)