Pressure point tool for self-massage

Small Pressure Point Tool


Do you experience chronic neck or back pain? 

Does the stress of daily living result in tight and painful back muscles?
Are you struggling with the daily challenges of healing from an injury or coping with stress?
Does muscle pain prevent you - or someone you know from enjoying a full and balanced lifestyle?
Do you want to perform your work or lifestyle activities with increased comfort?
Have you ever wished that you could find a simple effective solution to managing your pain and healing?
If you are currently seeing a doctor, physiotherapist, chiropractor or massage therapist to manage muscular stress and pain …… or if you just want to take personal control to manage day-to-day stress related muscle tension …
Consider adding the Pressure Point™ instrument to your pain management support Team!
Pressure Point™ is an "instrument-based" approach for and symptomatic relief of pain and restoration of normal muscle function and stability through Trigger Point Release.
Pressure Point™, used regularly, can help reduce and eliminate pain - without drugs, injections or surgery - by releasing muscular trigger points, relaxing muscles and stimulating your body's natural healing reflexes.

Look after yourself first. The BEST self-massage tool for those hard-to-reach areas.  Maximum torque with minimum discomfort.