The Art of Prenatal Massage DVD

The Art of Prenatal Massage DVD

  The Art of PRENATAL MASSAGE with Kelly Lott, RMT, MTI, CIMI, Doula Certified Instructor 

Step-by-Step DVD. Also as a Bonus! PDF Documents and Forms

This instructional massage program, presented by Kelly Lott, offers step-by-step instruction that is easy to follow and will make you feel comfortable applying your healing touch to pregnant women. 

The DVD package also includes a free booklet detailing massage techniques that are therapeutic, effective and based on sound physiological principles. These techniques are designed to enhance your knowledge of working in the pregnancy field. Benefits, precautions and specifics are covered, along with essential protocol, documentation, suggestions and recommendations. 



    Learn specific techniques for treating the common discomforts of pregnant women:

    • Low back pain

    • Sciatic pain

    • Calf cramps

    • Pelvic restriction

    • Sinus congestion and more


    Two important downloadable documents for your use

    1. Pregnancy precautions and contraindications

    2. Client Release form



    Regular massage can help alleviate lower back and shoulder pain due to the changing posture of the mother during pregnancy. It can also help decrease symptoms of carpal tunnel and the stress of the birthing process. Post-natal massage helps mothers who experience sleep deprivation, baby arm, hormone fluctuation.