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Tables and Massage Equipment for Professional RMTs
Tables and Massage Equipment for Professional RMTs
A Spine in the Rock of a Cuban Cave

A Spine in the Rock of a Cuban Cave

Store owner Joe Clare has spent quite a bit of time in Cuba over the years and has gone deep into the country's history and antiquity. If you look closely at the image here, you can see it is a photograph of a spine.
The anthropologists of Cuba had said there were no aboriginal pictographs in the cave he visited in the centre of the island, but this spine revealed itself to Joe - and he intuitively knew that it was hammered in by people long ago. 
His assessment was verified by a Director of the Smithsonian Indian Museum, who said it was related to the tobacco god.
Photographed here in the dark of the cave, the spine's outlines are revealed in the formation of the rock.
Joe was inspired by this spine as a clue to our relationship with the ancient ways and knowledge of our ancestors. He began thinking of how a massage therapist responds to the physical spine of the human being in the relationship between massage therapist and client.
Contemplating the spine, it can be seen as the spine of the tobacco deity or even the spine of the earth.
A spine of our continent is seen at the Great Divide, going from California to the Arctic -  including Alberta's Banff and Jasper National Parks. This Great Divide was known to aboriginals long before Columbus.
It is possible to engage the ancient healing of the human body and this is one of the secrets that a bodyworker or RMT has the potential to discover. The ancient way to health helps people to heal themselves, through the release of ancient knowledge and wisdom of health. It can be kept alive.
Joe says, "With each massage given, connect to all who have ever given healing in the history of humanity and in relation to all in the future - one lineage of healing!"
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