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Things I Already Love

Things I Already Love

A Word from Jana....

Things I already love… it’s been nearly a month, and I’ve been welcomed with open arms here at MTSO, and by the Strathearn Community. I love the flowers growing all around the building, and the garden and public art around the building. It’s beautiful and inspiring. The neighbourhood has a fantastic little coffee shop that has a delicious sandwich option everyday, along with a few other choice items, both of the edible and non-edible variety. There is an Art Gallery, a wellness spa, and so much more within a minute walk of our store – and fabulous neighbours always ready with a smile and a hello.

 I love the therapists that pop in from all across this country – from BC to Nova Scotia – who take the opportunity to come into the store (they usually order online) to see where the magic happens. And it’s such a treat for all of us who work here, as we do enjoy hearing how your business is going and what products you like best, or what you might like to see. It’s through the conversations with you, that I’ve learned that everyone (well, I’ve had four conversations so far, with Janelle, Rebecca, Anna, and a gentleman whose name I did not get, who have purchased the Prairie Electric Table – and they love it! So, I love it, too, knowing how much it is benefiting the therapists who are working with it. I’m going to see about starting a conversation online (maybe Facebook?) about this table, so they can share with those of you thinking about an electric table, can better understand all the benefits – which could inspire you to make that next big step in career – a step that will help you to extend your career by years.

 I also love my co-workers. It’s a treat to not only come to work everyday doing something important to me (supporting those supporting many with natural health!) but to share your space and time with others who make you laugh and who work hard alongside you to not only get the job done, but to do a good job. 

I hope to meet many more of you in the months to come. Best wishes to all going into the fall season – and good luck to all the budding therapists out there about to embark on their massage therapy education, or taking their final year. All of us here at MTSO are hear to answer your questions and help you however we can throughout your career.


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