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Tables and Massage Equipment for Professional RMTs
Tables and Massage Equipment for Professional RMTs
September Internet Round-Up - Paying for School

September Internet Round-Up - Paying for School

No one said education would be cheap, but a slower economy means students everywhere are feeling the pinch. This month's internet roundup is dedicated to helping students find some extra cash. There is literally millions of free money available in the form of scholarships and bursaries, but where can you find it? We know you have better things to do than slog through webpage after webpage, so we've compiled a starter list.   

Government Websites - This should be your first stop, as they will cover in accurate, current detail most mainstream scholarships, bursaries, and government programs. Not only will these sites be tailored to your region, but they may direct you to school or program-specific bursaries and scholarships.

Social Media and Marketing - Some people are just lucky, right? Wrong. Chances are, Auntie Pat who wins every draw she enters, is putting the maximum amount of entries into every contest she comes across. If you're not shy about filling out a survey or being part of a social media campaign, you could be in the running for prizes such as a free iPad Mini 3 from Maclean's magazine, Student Life Network's Luckiest Student in Canada, or Servus Credit Union's Young and Free Scholarship.   Check out,, and for more information.

Industry Awards - The Massage Therapy Supply Outlet is proud to present our annual student bursary of $1000.00 to new or second-year students. Other awards include association (,) and business-sponsored awards such as Massage Heights Canada's FutureCare therapist bursary.

School-specific awards - These are generally offered only to current or confirmed future students. In Alberta, both MacEwan and Mt. Royal have awards and bursaries specific for their massage therapy students. Lethbridge Community College simplifies the process with a single application form for all of their awards. Alberta College of Massage Therapy (, Kiné-Concept Institute (, and the Vancouver College of Massage Therapy of Utopia Academy ( offer institution-sponsored bursaries and scholarships as well.

We welcome all students to apply for our bursary, and encourage you to take a bit of time to see what else you might qualify for. A bit of time writing an essay can be the easiest $1000.00 you've ever made!

In health,  MTSO staff

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