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Staff Picks from Faye

Staff Picks from Faye

We asked staff to recommend their favourite products, and here are Faye's:

Body Cushion

Body Cushion 4 piece portable systemSo good for so many reasons - better spine support for prone positioning, extends life of table, and the perfect portable "table".

Body Cushion


 Biotone Spa Unscented Hydrating Lotion

biotone spa unscented hydrating lotion for sensitive skin- moisturizers - Is your skin reacting to winter?  Mine is.  While travelling home over Thanksgiving, I took home a sample of the Biotone Spa
Unscented Hydrating Lotion.  Although I have EXTREMELY sensitive skin, I had no problem with the Biotone Lotion, even on my face!  The lotion leaves no greasy residue and my skin felt satin-smooth.

Unscented Hydrating Lotion



Pure Jojoba Oil

pure jojoba oil from massage therapy supply outletAs the days get colder and windier, I lean towards a richer night cream.  What could be better than the MTSO Pure Jojoba Oil?  No dyes or perfumes, suitable for sensitive skin, and the closest oil there is to our own natural sebum.  

I add a few drops of Lavender Essential Oil or neroli for even more skin benefits and a better sleep.

Jojoba oil,     Lavender Essential Oil,     Neroli Essential Oil

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