Massage professionals will appreciate Stronglite's massage tables quality, price, portability and service. Their massage table packages are sold at a price that those on a tight budget will appreciate. 

Truly subjecting our tables to the test of time, many school owners and longtime users of Stronglite equipment tell us that Stronglite tables hold up under severe conditions better than any other brands they've tried.

It's a natural outcome of Stronglite's manufacturing philosophy. At Stronglite they believe that safety is the most important quality for bodywork equipment, which is why all of their tables and chairs are given a computerized stress analysis. This is the best means of assuring that there are no weak points and that all the members have a large factor of safety under the most strenuous loading conditions.

Stronglite tables and chairs are tested to a much higher stress level than they will ever see in even the most vigorous practice. You and your clients will always feel safe with a Stronglite table or chair.

Functionality, durability, value and aesthetics are important, and Stronglite products seek to find the perfect balance of these qualities.