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Announcing our Bursary Winners!

Announcing our Bursary Winners!


Winner, Catherine Green! 2nd: Vicki East!

With so many qualified applicants our selection committee had a very difficult task. Finally, the decision came down to two extraordinarily dedicated second-year Alberta massage students, coincidentally both students at MH Vicars in Edmonton.

Catherine's story of entering the massage profession later in life revealed her previous experience ranging from childrens' theatre, movement improvisation, yoga, Pilates, and kinesiology. Her path to the profession also included her own challenges with life-long back pain, and spinal surgery, which could have been avoided had she known about the benefits of massage therapy at that time. This experience with her own recovery combined with extensive knowledge of physiology, along with her creative understanding of intuition and play will make Edmonton's Catherine Green one of the finest massage therapists in Alberta. Watch for her when she graduates and is ready to hang out her shingle. 

"Pilates has provided me with a deep kinesthetic knowledge of anatomy but it is my maturity that enables me to approach a client with an awareness that extends beyond the mere physical body; where mind and body converge one begins to recognize even more subtle energy bodies." Catherine explains.

Vicki's journey to the profession of Massage Therapist also involved varied paths, from being a professional agrologist for 13 years, winning the Saskatchewan Lieutenant Governor's Greenwing Conservation Award, to Reiki practice and a move to Alberta with her husband in order to take the immersive MH Vicars Massage Therapy Program. In her upcoming practice she intends to specialize in lymphatic drainage to help people with cancer and lymphedema, as well as CranioSacral therapy to be able to help people on an emotional level.

"I truly want to make a difference," said Vicki, who lives in Camrose. "I want to help people in their healing process. Massage therapy has so many possibilities, and I love the fact that I am in a career where I can continually learn. I think that the key to happiness is doing something that you are passionate about."

We're very grateful to all the students who applied for this bursary. It is so encouraging to know there are so many qualified and experienced people taking the step to become Massage Therapists in Alberta.



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