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Freedom from Linen Management

Freedom from Linen Management

 Freedom from Linen Management - or -   How to focus on your job, not on keeping your patients covered

I remember my first set of sheets, proudly purchased at Liquidation World.  A pale  blue set, around 180 thread count, not so thin you could see through them but pretty darn close. The fitted sheet billowed out around my table, slipping and moving every time my patient shifted, and oh, the dread when it came time to turn over, hoping my very specific "turn AWAY from me" would successfully penetrate their massage-induced brain fog.  Or, how about those massage sheet garters, that clip on to the sheets and keep them snug on the corners?  SO 1993! 

We've come a long way, baby, and the choices for linens have expanded as much as the industry itself.  Flannelette, disposable, or poly cotton, we've got it all. The following is a short list of my all-time favorites:

1.     Flannelette sheet sets - Hands down, these are the best sheets for massage.  Made to fit massage tables, durable seams, warm and fuzzy for my patients, I love these for being comfortable and perfect, absolutely perfect for massage.  They fit the table, there's no stress when patients turn over, and the choice of colors adds another dimension to my practice. 

2.    Fleece face cradle cover - The first time I had this on my face rest, one patient almost cried with relief, her sinuses felt so much better. 

3.    Poly cotton sheet sets - I actually only bought these once....because they refused to die.  I got tired of seeing them at work (I need new colors every so often) so I retired them to home use, nailing them to wooden shelves in our storage room to hide the  assorted flotsam and jetsam.  Shortly after that we needed to repaint, so I, with considerable effort, ripped them off the shelving and used them as drop cloths.  Definitely the work horse of the massage linen world.

4.    Seamless face cradle covers - I don't know how she did it, but somehow the seamstress' pattern works, and my patients are so much happier when they leave without  "massage face".  Thanks Gail!!

Having the right equipment gives me the freedom to focus on what I love best, helping people feel better.  What about you? What equipment have you added to your practice lately to make your job easier?

- Faye

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