Spring Lymph Detox Blends from Marie

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Some of us & our clients participate in annual Spring Cleanses, or Detoxes to lighten-up from our heavier winter selves. We can support the body's fluid & lymphatic movement with aromatherapy blends added to massage mediums for whole-body or area-specific applications, and in take-home topical & bath blends.

For whole-body applications; 5-10 drops of your blend could be added to your medium, but not used on the face.

For area-specific applications; 5-10 drops in 15ml or 1Tbsp of medium.

For take-home treats to send with your customers 5-10 drops of your blend in 1-2 Cups of epsom salt for an apres-massage-tub-soak. The same amount can be added to 1 Cup of epsom salt or sugar for an exfoliating scrub.

These blends will work beautifully in the lotion bars demonstrated in the video from Top Knot in the March MTSO Newsletter and our blog. Check it out HERE.

These Blend recipes are metered to one application & can be doubled or trippled when you're sure you want more. Find these essential oils at MTSO HERE.

Basic Lymph Mover Blend, for 30ml of medium:

Cedarwood 2 drops
Cypress 2 drops
Eucalyptus 2 drops
Lemon (or Grapefruit)6 drops

"Tropical Holiday" Blend, for 30ml of medium:

-particularly good when emotionally "down"

Lemongrass 1 drop
Lemon 3 drops
Sweet Orange (or Grapefruit) 7-8 drops
optional: 1 drop of cedarwood or cypress
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