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FREE SHIPPING offer on orders over $300.00*
August 2021 Newsletter

August 2021 Newsletter

August is a time to start planning and preparing for the fall. This is a good opportunity to take inventory and see what you may need for your practice. MTSO is here to help you and supply you with your needs. Our knowledgeable staff is more than happy to assist you with questions you may have.

Looking for upgrades to your clinic or home office? Call us at 780-440-1818 for suggestions on how to update your workspace with an affordable electric table, a sweet aromatherapy program, or new sheets.

We have been enjoying our community garden, and so has the neighborhood! The MTSO community garden has been nominated for 2021 Edmonton in Bloom Initiative. This garden is important to bringing our community together, we understand the importance of working together resulting in a place that we all can enjoy.


The BEST all-around reference for your massage therapy practice.


We cannot think of anything that was left out of this massive reference work, and every massage therapist who owns a copy will refer to it almost every day.



100% cotton flannelette

Set includes:
* Fitted sheet
* EXTRA WIDE flat sheet 53" x 90"
* Regular Face Cradle Cover

Flannelette quality is measured in weight - the higher the weight, the thicker and warmer the linens. Our 4-5oz flannelette sheets meet the industry standard of good quality, long-lasting linens. Napped on one side, our cosy, cushy fabric provides extra insulation and privacy. Cost-effective comfort for your patients.

Locally crafted to RMT specifications. We are proud to ship our locally-produced linens throughout Canada.

The latest product evolution from the creators of Benefect is Botanical Disinfectant Wipes! Adding the Benefect Decon 30 platform to a dense woven wipe also gives it a distinct foaming advantage that ensures longer contact time to kill germs and improved visibility of surface coverage over conventional wipes. Surfaces are left clean and decontaminated with no streaky residue.

▪ Decontaminate & Disinfect in One Easy Step
▪ Simple & Convenient
▪ Kills Over 99.99% of Germs
▪ No synthetic chemicals
▪ No label warnings or precautionary statements
▪ No PPE required for use (environmental conditions may dictate otherwise)
▪ No rinsing after application is required

The quietest, most popular spa hydraulic lift massage table. Made in USA. Our Ergo™ electric lift table is designed for comfort, long-lasting reliability, easy care, and great performance making this table a superb value.

* Smooth, reliable electric lift actuator
* ADA Compliant
* Rounded Corners
* Heavy Duty Steel Frame
* Natursoft™ Upholstery – 100% PU
* Pro-Plush™ Deluxe 3-Layer 3” Cushioning System
* Wheels For Ease Of Movement
* Easy to use foot pedal

An ideal natural blend of 3 oils providing nourishing skin care for northern climates. This nut-free, unscented oil is suitable for a wide variety of massage applications.

▪ Sunflower Seed oil, high in vitamins A, B, D & E, minerals & unsaturated fatty acids, is light and easily absorbed.
▪ Fractionated Coconut oil, also high in vitamin E, is a smooth, emollient, easily absorbed oil, providing consistent glide and excellent transport for Aromatherapy oils.
▪ Jojoba oil being rich in vitamins A, D & E, is also soothing and emollient.
▪ The effect is that both client and therapist finish with smooth moisturized skin.
▪ The inclusion of a natural water dispersant assures easy laundering.
Available in 2 sizes: 1 litre & 4 litres

Made from soft, 25 gsm spunbound fabric, this new and innovative design provides a comfortable, sanitary and disposable barrier for your clients and an easy changeover for between client protection.

▪ Fits all crescent-shaped face rests
▪ Stays put throughout your treatment
▪ Great for table and seated massage
▪ Box of 50
▪ Latex Free

Flat soft disposable face cradle covers package of 100. Product stores easily in table and chair carry cases. Thick, yet soft and silky fabric conforms to the shape of your cushion. Feels like napped cotton. Flat face covers fit almost anything.


In addition to in-store shopping and shipping, curbside pick-up is also available. You can either phone-in your order or place order online. When placing your order online choose Local Pick Up at check out. We will contact you when your order is ready.

Browse and buy from the extensive collection of quality products at our online store, always open, 24/7/365.

Drop by our Edmonton store and showroom: : Mon-Fri: 10:00-5:00, Sat: 10:00-4:00

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