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Qualities and Benefits of Our Pure Oils

Qualities and Benefits of Our Pure Oils

MTSO Pure Massage Oil Profiles

Qualities and benefits of our pure massage oils - at a glance!

Almond Oil

  • pressed from almond kernels
  • rich in nutrients: unsaturated fatty acids, & vitamins A, B , D & E
  • light texture, excellent moisturizer for skin
  • may help to soothe & reduce inflammation

Apricot Oil

  • pressed from apricot kernels
  • very similar to Almond Oil, a tiny bit lighter texture
  • rich in vitamins A & B
  • suitable for children & dry aging skin

Coconut Oil

  • pressed from coconut, solid until temperature reaches 25C
  • rich in oleic, lauric, capric & caprylic acids, glycerine & MCT's
  • high in vitamins A, C & E, with light texture
  • may support immune system
  • skin softening & mildly anti-inflammatory

Coconut Fractionated Oil

  • distilled from coconut oil
  • remains liquid at room temperature, lightest texture of our oils
  • composed of liquid components of coconut oil called MCT's, high in capric & caprylic acids, supports immune function
  • moisturizing, anti-oxidant, high in vitamins A, C & E

Grapeseed Oil

  • pressed from grape seeds
  • high in linoleic acid & vitamins E & B
  • mildly astringent, therefore gently skin toning
  • soothing, smoothing, mildly anti-inflammatory

Jojoba Oil

  • pressed from seeds called "beans"
  • contains no triglycerides, so very slow to go rancid (technically a wax)
  • chemistry very similar to human body oil (sebum); hypo-allergenic &
  • non-comedogenic (does not block pores)
  • softening, moisturizing, anti-inflammatory
  • fast-absorbing with no greasy residue, yet provides a thin protective barrier on skin

Sesame Oil

  • pressed from seeds
  • very slight nutty aroma, a little thicker consistency than previous oils
  • rich in vitamis B & E, & minerals: calcium, magnesium & phosphorus
  • slightly warming, used in traditional Ayurvedic treatments as a winter oil
  • moisturizing, soothing & nourishing to skin


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