Rebuild Range of Motion with Blue Ranger

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Now Available at MTSO - Easy to use at-home Shoulder Injury Rehabilitation


If you have frozen shoulder, shoulder pain or stiffness, this shoulder pulley can help start the process of feeling better now. A simple shoulder pulley exercise could help reduce pain, increase blood flow, Increase Range Of Motion to your painful or stiff shoulder.

Rebuilds range of motion in patients with normal and weak grip strength. Comes with instructional guide.

Simply place the webbing or bracket of the pulley over the top of any interior door in your home, shut the door, use your healthy arm and shoulder to passively move your injured arm.

  • Over door shoulder pulley
  • Roller pulley system with bright blue nylon rope
  • Metal door bracket or webbing door strap
  • Adjustable cord length

Buy Now at MTSO only $15.95

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