Professional Stone Heater

Professional Stone Heater

Clients absolutely love a hot stone massage! Hot stones can even be used during pedicures, manicures, or other spa treatments for a special added touch. Our Deluxe Hot Stone Warmers will ensure your stones are heated evenly and safely. This model comes with a free thermometer and wooden slotted spoon.

Product Details:

Choose from 6 qt size, holds up to 40 stones or the 18-quart, Deluxe Professional Stone Warmer is designed to hold a little over 70 massage stones.

It has a stainless steel outer shell, a removable stone pot, an easy-grip lid, and stay-cool handles. Our Professional Stone Warmer features a temperature control that quickly heats the water and stones to 120°F - 150°F and maintains that temperature for the duration of your massage session. A convenient indicator light on the front of the unit tells you when your stones are at their desired temperature. A thermometer to check the temperature and wooden slotted spoon to remove the stones from the water are included, too!

Features and Benefits

  • The 18-quart capacity warmer holds a little over 70 massage stones so it is perfect for medium- to large- sized hot massage stone sets
  • The 6 quart  capacity holds up to 40 stones, perfect for small to medium hot massage stone sets
  • The removable stone pot resists breaking and cracking when coming in contact with massage stones
  • The temperature control lets you select your ideal temperature and keep your stones at that temperature for the duration of the massage
  • The convenient indicator light on the front of the unit lets you know when your stones have reached their set temperature
  • The side handles remain cool throughout the heating process so you do not risk burns or injuries while moving the unit
  • The included slotted wooden spoon  lets you safely remove hot stones from the water
  • The included thermometer allows you to check the temperature of your stones to guarantee safety

Sizes and Specifications

  • Capacity: 70 stones Dimensions are 25"x 10"x 18"
  • Capacity: 40 stones Dimensions are 20"x 10"x 14"
  • Wattage: 1420 Watts
  • Voltage: 120 Volts
  • 60Hz
  • 1 Year Warranty