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FREE SHIPPING offer on orders over $300.00*
FREE SHIPPING offer on orders over $300.00*

Hydrocollator - Standard E1

  • Durable stainless steel construction.
  • Built in adjustable thermostat.
  • Lighted, on/off indicator switch.
  • Thermal protector to stop overheating
  • UL, CSA listed .
  • Remains in an upright position while removing Thermal-Packs.

Our Standard Hydrocollator comes with 4 standard hotpacks.

Therapist Recommends: Your Hydrocollator unit should be cleaned at least once every two weeks to prevent the buildup of viruses, bacteria, and deposits. 


The benefits of moist heat therapy over dry heat are well established for pain relief due to arthritis, myofibrosis, back pain, muscle strains and spasms. Immerse in Hydrocollator Heating unit to heat, then remove, wrap in its terry cover and apply to treatment area. It provides up to 30 minutes of deep-felt, soothing, moist heat. Cost effective, each heat pack unit provides hundreds of treatments. Buy several to always have one ready for clients. We know they will love it and their treatment will progress much faster by stimulating circulation to help remove toxins and increase the supply of rich, oxygenated nutrients that are available to damaged tissues.