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Setting up Practice - Part 1

Setting up Practice - Part 1

Congratulations, you've found your space!  You've set up your table, stocked your shelf with supplies, but something seems.....not quite right.  Even with a fresh coat of paint it still doesn't quite feel like the right energy for your practice.  What to do....

First of all, what is  your practice focus? 

In order to draw the right patients, you must create the atmosphere that will support your common goals - their health. So, take some time to reflect on your time in school, your current experience, and future goals.  Where is the joy in your practice, is it relaxation, prenatal, sports?  Where do you want to be in five years?  What kind of a patient base will help you get there? 

Start with the basics, the foundation of your practice. 

Building a reflexology practice?  Hang up your charts so they can be easily seen from your treatment position.  Massage therapy?  You will always use the basic muscle chart and bone anatomy chart, both as a cheat sheet during treatment, and for patient education. 

From there, expand to what you want to specialize in.  Dealing with an aging patient group?  A chart on arthritis will save you some words and remind them of the importance of doing their exercises.  Interested in fascia?  Try the Anatomy Trains (book and charts) charts for quick reference and for patient education. 

Maybe you want your space to be more healing, and less clinical?

Color choice is an important part of setting the right tone, not only for your walls but for your linens.   Greens and blues are reccomended for restorative atmosphere, but really, your space needs to be a space YOU feel good in.  It is reccomended that brighter, more vibrant colors are used for accent colors only.  Anatomical charts not really your style?  Hang some appropriate photographic prints like this, or try decorating with a certain style in mind - asian, middle eastern, west coast, spa.  Remember, keeping your space simple and uncluttered will keep energy flowing and promote more healing atmosphere. An under-table shelf is really handy.

Building a space you can work in is more than finding a room that will fit your table and a storage shelf.  Create an atmosphere that reflects you, your goals, and the patients you want to work with, and you will have the foundation for a sustainable practice. 

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