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Useful Do's and Don'ts

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We're very impressed with Jennifer Stelzer's article in the MTDC BLOG on Massage Therapy, Communication, And Helping Trauma Survivors.Great tips and ethical reminders, including these do's and don'ts.

Do’s And Dont’s 

Do: Create and maintain boundaries in your practice

Don't: Deviate from boundaries


Do: Allow time for a thorough intake

Don’t: Rush your client


Do: Ask for emergency contact

Don’t: Ask marital status


Do: Have a box to check for pregnancy

Don’t: Ask about children


Do: Ask for preferred name & pronoun

Don’t: Assume nicknames or gender


Do: Request current health information

Don’t: Ask about heritage, accents


Do: Ask for surgical/accident history

Don’t: Set time limits (ie: 10 yrs)


Do: Add a box for PTSD

Don’t: Expect full disclosure


Do: Discuss levels of undress

Don’t: Ever adjust bras/underwear


Do: Ask clients about working gluteal areas

Don’t: Ask when client on table


Do: Discuss Informed Consent

Don’t: Make assumptions


Do: Avoid negative words & phrases

Don’t: Talk down to clients


Do: Greet every client with a smile & nod

Don’t: Force a handshake


Do: Respect personal space

Don’t: Initiate a hug


Do: Give advance warning of animals in practice

Don’t: Assume a client likes animals


Do: Ask client about music preference or none

Don’t: Play what you want to hear


Do: Appreciate client’s religious preference

Don’t: Display religious emblems


Do: Treat a body with respect

Don’t: Ask about scars or tattoos


Do: Provide appropriate draping

Don’t: Discuss client weight/height


Do: Acknowledge each client is an individual

Don’t: Council/compare clients


Do: Work in scope of practice

Don’t: Offer nutrition advice or sell other services you provide


Read the full article HERE


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New Year, New Focus

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Is your New Year's Resolution to focus more on building your business?

Here at MTSO we want to help you succeed in 2018, and beyond. Our professional supplies cover everything you need to expand your business beyond its current limits.

As you see from these few suggestions, you can expand in a natural way. Start small and find your feet in a new area, then take the steps you need to go forward.

  • Try our best selling and very affordable electric table, which guarantees to save your back, and accommodate clients with comfort and accessibility. LINK HERE
  • You can up your game easily and affordably using aromatherapy and essential oils to create a new ambience for your clients each month, to harmonize with the weather and seasons. LINK HERE
  • Experiment with creating your own bath salts using our bath salts kits, great as gifts or items your clients can purchase after a session. LINK HERE
  • Take time to develop a particular focus specialty this year. Set yourself up to practice pregnancy massage or sports massage through workshops, courses and upgrades.

We'd love to hear from you on your new directions for the year ahead, and how you intend to achieve them. Send us a message and we'll feature you and your practice! Let us help you expand your client base using social media. 

Whatever you decide to do, get out there and change it up for the new year. Bring in new clients, retain your current clients, and keep the flow going with supportive natural equipment and supplies from Massage Therapy Supply Outlet!

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Carbon Tax and your Massage Business

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It's a good idea to look into how the new carbon tax will impact your massage practice, and find a positive solution. Now might be the time to get serious and increase your business, expand your clientele. Find new ways to retain regular clients and keep them all aware of the meaning and value of massage therapy for ongoing health and wellbeing.

The new carbon tax will effect us all with higher prices almost across the board. Is your massage practice in Alberta? Is it considered a small business? Now is the time to find out if you qualify for the one-point break on corporate taxes. That translates as from 3 percent to two percent, starting January 1st, 2017.

But the promised individual rebates soften the impact somewhat. Single earners making $47,500 can get a full rebate. Families earning up to $95,000 also qualify for a full rebate. Rebate for a single adult is set at $200, and a second adult in the household is set for $100. As well, you can expect a $30 rebate for each child, up to a maximum of $120. 

Be prepared and aware of how you can benefit from the rebates, expand your practice, and continue to thrive in 2017.

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November News from MTSO

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Our November Newsletter - subscribe if you wish to receive this directly to your inbox!

Make sure your clients stay warm and cozy this November!

Warm Greetings!

Whether it's table warmers, flannelette sheets, or theratherms, we have everything you need to keep your clients relaxed, warm and cozy this winter!

Comfortable and soft to the skin. Use during the massage, or before the practice to heat up the massage table's surface. $99.00 Click image to buy

Keep your clients warm with our popular Flannelette Sheet Sets, designed by RMTs for RMTs $29.95 Click image to buy

TheraTherm Digital Moist Heat Pack $111 - click image for more info.

Theratherm Digital Moist Heat Pack

Provides intense, moist heat therapy for temporary relief from pain associated with arthritis, back pain caused by muscle spasm and inflammation caused by strain and tension. Its flannel cover draws moisture from the air and as the pack’s temperature rises, the moisture is released onto the skin, speeding relief to your patients. Its unique, easy-to-use digital control is convenient and safe. 

Marie's best advice? Start with simple stuff. Aromatherapy works on two levels – not only the smells that trigger brain and body, but also the benefits from skin application which open an unending area of exploration.

Wondering about how to add essential oils to your practice? Ask Marie Wilkinson, our resident expert in essential oils and their use for healing through massage therapy. Marie can suggest the best oils for your purposes, based on her experience and expertise. I sat down with Marie to ask her about her background in using essential oils....read more

Essential oils - now in 30ml size! Prices vary, click for details

We now carry a convenient 30 ml size of pure essential oils.

Choose from Eucalyptus, French Lavender, Lemon, Lemongrass, Sweet Orange, Patchouli, Peppermint, Spanish Rosemary, and Australian Tea Tree.

We also feature 10 ml ready-made essential oil blends - including Well-being, Cold and Flu, Muscle and Joint, Alert, and more.

Remembrance Day Tree


Each year we place poppies on the Remembrance Day Tree beside the store. Stop by and add a poppy to the tree! or better yet, start a Remembrance Tree tradition of your own.

It's so convenient when we ship directly to you!

Order online for delivery or pickup

Our online store is always open, 24/7/365.

Our Edmonton store and showroom is open 10:00 - 6:00 Mon-Fri, 10:00-5:00 Sat.

Reminder: The store's closed on Remembrance Day Nov. 11.
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Beautiful Music for Your Practice!

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Tired of hearing the same songs on repeat?  For a fresh listening experience every time, tune in to ambient healing music from J. Gary Sill as you practice.

20 Hours of Engaging Music on Infinite Shuffle. All Free. 

Let these beautiful accomplished piano improvisations and compositions accompany your healing work.

“I created this continuous broadcast of my music out of an appreciation for the many friends and fans who have been so supportive over the years. I set up a way where anyone, anywhere at any time, can easily listen to my solo piano music and ambient electronica. I also recorded new work expressly for the radio station, always with the intention of creating something beautiful; something that would be an island of Harmony in a sea of noise. Through this music, I offer listeners an experience of inner peace of mind and spirit." - Friend of the store, J. Gary Sill.

Bookmark this link and tune in anytime:

People are saying:

  • I'm a subscriber! It's like having a subscription for joy - thanks, Gary!
  • Thanks for creating this online experience, which I enjoy a lot!  I think I need your music in my life right now!
  • I love this… Already listening. 
  • This is a nice surprise, great initiative!!! I’ve saved the link to be able to listen to your music whenever I feel like it. It’s an inspiration during work!
  • This is very cool, - what a great idea.
  • Working away on projects today at work and listening to your Radio station - thanks, this is so great.
  • Music is the universal language and I am so grateful you create it. 

This round-the-clock online global radio station features over 300 songs in the J. Gary Sill library. With approximately 240 are being broadcast, the tracks are constantly shuffled and every 4 to 6 weeks 60 songs are replaced with new ones.

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