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Congratulations to Our Bursary Winner, Tatyana Rac

Congratulations to Our Bursary Winner, Tatyana Rac

We're pleased to announce our 2014 Bursary Winner,Tatyana Rac, student at MH Vicars School of Massage Therapy in Edmonton.

From Acting to Massage Therapy, Tatyana's path to self-sufficient independence.

Tatyana Rac

“I started thinking about studying massage therapy in my third year of university, studying acting. What we did in acting school was a really good base. Performing and massage therapy are a wonderful blend because both have everything to do with the body. To be a massage therapist in between performing contracts will go hand in hand due to the independent nature of both these careers."

We were impressed by Tatyana and her particular approach to the career of Massage Therapist. Selecting a niche clientele which is part of her network and area of expertise is a brilliant way to expand her scope and self-sufficiency.

The University of Alberta BFA acting program is a well-regarded and very selective 3 year intensive conservatory program for actors. Tatyana was one of the lucky 12 students chosen for this rigorous training.  Even for a strong conservatory-trained actor with contracts, touring and performing, there are gaps between contracts. Rather than working in a restaurant between contracts, she chose to become a massage therapist.

After graduation she would like to run a solo business to begin with, then expand to running a larger clinic many years down the road. She plans on furthering her acting career while becoming  a successful respected massage therapist.

Tatyana will continue performing in the Edmonton theatre community, and with that specialize in massaging actors, singers, dancers, and those involved behind the scenes. Her ideas for the future include  going back to the U of A Drama Department and offering half-hour massages to the student actors, setting up in the Arts Barns during the Fringe Festival and focusing on performers’ well being, and much more. 

At MTSO we are great supporters of the arts, and while we wish Tatyana all success in becoming a respected Massage Therapist, we are also rooting for her acting career!


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