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Tables and Massage Equipment for Professional RMTs
Tables and Massage Equipment for Professional RMTs
New Month, New Year, Old Junk?

New Month, New Year, Old Junk?

In a previous post we touched on a subject that deserves a little more space - getting rid of clutter. Hoarder or not, it is good to go through your professional space with a harsh eye on a regular basis. In our profession, cleanliness is essential.

Your checklist should include: 

Linens - Sheets, face cradle covers, pillowcases, bolster covers, and towels. Any snags, rips, stains, holes?   This is also a good time to evaluate your customer base, and determine whether you’re better off going with disposable face cradle covers or a package of 10 face cradle covers.

Equipment - In your table in good repair? If not, don’t despair! Cracks or rips in the vinyl of bolsters or table can be repaired, and tables can even be recovered. If you’re using pillows, are they still supportive? Anything saggy, limp, or reeking of rancid oil should be tossed in the garbage and replaced.  

Oils and creams - Massage Therapy Supply Outlet suggests you use your oils and lotions within 9 months of purchase. Large sizes seem more cost-effective, but if you end up throwing out the last quarter of your 1 gallon size, you haven’t actually saved any money! While replacing your oils, we also recommend you pick up a new pump to reduce the chance of cross-contamination.

Sell through product - Do you carry any products for sale in your space? Is your display current, clean, and effective? Are the products still within their expiry date?

Use of space and decor - Are your storage solutions still working with your practice? Do you need more shelving or drawer space? How about your decor? Is it dated, overdone, or no longer reflective of your treatment focus? Most practices shift and evolve over time, does your physical space reflect the change in your practice as well?

Textbooks and Guides - Are you using the books on your shelf? How up to date are they? If your drug reference guide is 5 years old, it may be time to pick up a new edition. Or, go paperless and download e-versions of your most-used texts. Voila, a whole shelf cleared in one swoop!

Clean, open space is conducive to a peaceful atmosphere. A peaceful atmosphere is conducive to healing. Taking a little time to clear out our professional space is good for us, and our patients.

In health, 

MTSO staff.

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