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Tables and Massage Equipment for Professional RMTs
Tables and Massage Equipment for Professional RMTs
Stay Connected: RMT Associations

Stay Connected: RMT Associations

Join and Stay Involved - It's to your Advantage

It was the spring of 2012, and massage therapists across Alberta were having the same conversation with their patients. “My insurance company wouldn’t cover my massage therapy invoices. What’s going on?” Initially, we really didn’t know either, but as the year progressed, the picture became clearer. Thanks to a great deal of work by our associations, processes were put in place and eventually, we all settled back into the day to day routine of massage.

This was the second time in my massage therapy career that I was grateful for maintaining membership in more than one association, as not only was I “safe” that year, but, as I attended AGMs and meetings, I was able to hear more than one perspective on the situation.

Our last blog post dealt with the importance of staying professionally connected after leaving massage school.  Our provincial associations make this idiot-proof, but the following are two of my favourite Canadian sites for staying on top of national industry news. is the online version of my absolute favourite massage journal. With contributions from massage therapists, educators, and industry stakeholders across Canada, this is a single portal to a world of massage information. Research, business tips, education, and innovations are just a few of the headings on their site. With frequent updates, this is is one site worth checking out regularly.

Speaking of associations, did you know that we have a Canadian massage therapy alliance? is the homepage for an association that, in its own words, “is a nation-wide alliance composed of provincial associations to provide a forum for collaboration to advance massage therapy as a health-care profession in Canada.”

**WARNING: With links to provincial associations across Canada, this site may expose you to ideas, content, and opinions that are different from the association you currently belong to. Proceed at your own risk.

This is likely not the first time you have heard about these websites and associations, but if you haven’t visited them for a while I encourage everyone to check them out. As our industry grows, it is vital to stay connected and informed at a provincial and national level.


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