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Energy, Warmth and Light: Heat Therapy

Energy, Warmth and Light: Heat Therapy

Even as the sun continues to shine most days, and we watch the gorgeous palette of fall colours fall from the tree tops to the ground, I can feel the blanket of the dark starting to wrap me up in it. Do I despair? Of course not! Because we have learned that the dark and the cold has made us strong, resilient, and resourceful. There are ways to bring the light, the warmth, and the energy we need in our lives during this period. And we also know how to appreciate the time that this season brings into our lives. The slowing down, the taking stock, and the rest that we surely deserve after making the most of our glorious spring and summer.

Here at MTSO we want to help each of you find what you need to continue providing much of that energy and warmth and light that those who come to you for healing may be looking for.  I can tell you that one of my favourite things in the winter is the feeling of the heat coming through from the table warmer on my massage therapists table. It is such a delight. And just as my muscles appreciate that certain quality of pain that signifies healing, my skin and my inner self bask in the rising glow of warmth of my chilled bones.

I have yet to experience a full on hot-stone massage - and I can't imagine why! I have often enjoyed the warmth of sun-baked rocks against my skin. I would imagine my skin would recall a time form my youth if I were to experience this therapy... a time when I sun-bathed on rocks in Greece...

I'm also partial to weighted items, like our Thermasand which provides the localized heat. Again, some kind of comfort and caring that comes from feeling the pressure of the weight of this item.  

Take a moment to consider how much adding these items, or one of our other heat therapy products, to your practice could impact the well-being of your clients, and even for yourself. We'd love to hear from you on our Facebook page - tell us how using Heat Therapy has worked for you and your clients! Let's continue to help each other find the light! And share our experiences to continue bringing the best information and great products into the industry.

And there's more: Check Part 2  featuring Essential Oils for Energy, Warmth and Light 

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