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Tables and Massage Equipment for Professional RMTs
Tables and Massage Equipment for Professional RMTs
Restoration in Alberta

Restoration in Alberta

We're happy to include another blog post from Faye Parenteau, RMT. Today's post features her reflections and suggestions in the aftermath of the flooding in Alberta. And also, check out this video.


Recently, while car-shopping online, I was distracted by the sheer volume of ads related to the flooding in Alberta.  My heart alternately ached for the people begging for help, and expanded with joy at the number of people from all across the country willing to fill those needs.

At the most basic level, we are healers.  We relieve pain and support our patients’ efforts to reach their goals, whether they be goals of personal transformation, setting new athletic records, or simply meeting the demands of daily life.   For us, volunteering is a natural fit, and many RMTs and wholistic practitioners incorporate some aspect of community service into their schedule.  We know that the energy we touch when we reach out to help others is a vital part of our personal restoration.  

How to do it? Healthcare workers are often at high-risk for burnout, so be realistic. Most of us are already involved with some kind of volunteer work, whether it be for schools, our professional association, or church.  Look at your life, and be honest with yourself - how much, and what kind of resources can you commit? Support events or causes you or your patients are passionate about, but don’t be afraid to set limits on it. I was so pleased to see an ad from a wholistic practice in Calgary offering free treatments for flood victims and volunteers, on specific days for the month of July.  This business has reached out the community, but also set reasonable limits, so as not to allow a natural disaster to consume their practice indefinitely. 

 Can you donate three hours per year?  Canadian summers are packed full of charity golf tournaments, baseball games, all kinds of events that are begging for a talented pair of hands to show up and do what they do best.  Not only is this an efficient way to combine advertising, networking, and community service, but the energy you get from attending will more than make up for any rest you may have sacrificed to be there.  Or maybe you don’t really want to massage on your days off, but you can help organize the RMT volunteers (Own your business?  Keep track of your time and expenses, and talk to your accountant about what would qualify for tax deductions). Go with what you love, but don’t be afraid to try new things too.  You can bet it wasn’t on anybody’s bucket list to muck out a flooded basement or sort through contaminated personal effects, but hundreds have now had a crash-course in flood restoration.  

 From a sign seen in Calgary: "We lost some stuff and gained a community!”.  Our hearts go out to all those affected by the flooding. 

***Doing pre/post-event massage?  Go prepared with the best products for the job!  face cradle covers, mint oil, herbal heat, polar lotion, biofreeze, gloves, thumbsaver

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