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Tables and Massage Equipment for Professional RMTs
Tables and Massage Equipment for Professional RMTs
The lazy days of summer - How to keep your momentum AND enjoy it!

The lazy days of summer - How to keep your momentum AND enjoy it!

Ah summer, the time of year when we try to cram 6 months worth of activities into 2 months. 

Gardening, weddings, camping - who has time for massage? 

Whether you’re new to the biz or been around for years, you may notice that business slows during the summer months. 

The following are some of my favourite ways to keep my appointment book full.

  1.  Take some time off.  Wait, what?  How does that make me money?  I hear you saying.  First of all, its 25 degrees and sunny outside, do you really want to be in a semi-darkened room with all the blinds closed working?  In my area, the first week in July was always slow.  Even when I got busier, I made a point of taking at least one week off in the summer.  Surprisingly, it never hurt my bottom line, as it makes the rest of the weeks in the month extra busy.  Now thats what I call efficient use of time! 
  2. Add value to your treatments.  You might have less appointments, but can you increase your earnings while your patients are there?  Summer is the time for showing off skin. Try suggesting a local or full body salt glow or body polish, and help your patients to look and feel their best for the season.  Or, carry a small amount of sell-through product, maybe the scrub you just used on them, or the small sizes of Biofreeze or Japanese mint oil.  Even if your profit is just $10-15.00 per appointment, and only one person per day takes advantage of your offer, that is an extra $50-75.00 per week, which at the end of the month gives you an extra $2-300.00 in your pocket. 
  3. Volunteer.  There is a multitude of sporting and community events that are begging for RMTs to help out.  Run for the Cure, MS Walk, Canadian Death Race, Folk Fest - these are all events where you can show up for a couple hours or a couple days, work your magic, and walk away with a mittfull of new patients.  These events are a great way to connect with new potential customers,  as well as show support to existing clientele and  your community.  Some events do pay a little bit too, so check your association websites, or community groups and see what you can find out. 
  4. Take some time off.  I repeat, TAKE SOME TIME OFF.  We’re healers, not machines.  We can only look after people to the extent that we care for ourselves.  Go stare at a lake for a few days.  Lean against a mountain while you try to catch your breath from the last scramble.  Play with your children in the grass.   Our beautiful Canadian summers are too short to spend the whole time inside, waiting for people to show up for appointments. 

Make the most of your time while you’re at work, but don’t spend all summer there!  Get out and meet some new people, and take some time for yourself too. 

 In peace,

Faye Parenteau

Prairie Tables with headrests - outdoor massage anyone?

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