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Is Your Office Summer Ready? 4 things you can try.

Is Your Office Summer Ready? 4 things you can try.

You’re summer ready, but is your office?

Changing up a few key elements can bring a lighter feel to your practice, and keep it fresh for you and your patients.   

Temperature control - Keep a small space heater and a fan in your office at all times. Excessive air conditioning can be counterproductive for some modalities, so be aware of your patient’s response and adjust accordingly. A small fan, judiciously placed, can be enough to make up for a lack of air conditioning. Try a lighter blanket, and ask your patient before putting on the table warmer.

Ditch the flannel sheets - I am in a longterm relationship with MTSO’s flannel sheets, 19 years and counting. However, every summer when my patients come in sweating from the plus 27-with 80%-humidity weather, I remember the smoothness of the MTSO poly cotton, the crispness of twill, and how satisfyingly solid the fabric felt in the store. Perhaps this will be the summer my sheet fantasy comes true and I pick up a couple sets of the poly cotton. It’s not really cheating, is it?

  • Oils and lotions - Summer is not the time for super-hydrating lotions and heavy oils.   A light massage creme is my personal favorite - does the job but wipes off easy, and has the added benefit of not staining sheets. I also like Soothing Touch’s Nut free lite, for when I need rocks or I want a good carrier for esential oils. And don’t forget a good non-greasy foot lotion, preferably something with peppermint for cooling and refreshing.

Which brings us to… 
      • Essential oils. Please, please be aware of oils that can be photosensitizing! If you must use them, warn your patients to wash well and wait 24-48 hours before sun exposure.   Or better yet, put them in a diffuser blend instead of using them on the skin. For me, summer calls for lighter, fresher blends that keep things moving but aren’t too heady or stimulating. Think trees, citruses (not on the skin), and some of the lighter florals. If you’re unsure, ask our in-house aromatherapist Marie or check out our quick reference Aromatherapy Permachart.

      Summer is the time to be lighter, stronger, and faster. Keep that energy flowing in your office by changing out a few key elements, and enjoy your summer!

      In health,

      MTSO staff.


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