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FREE SHIPPING offer on orders over $300.00*
October Newsletter - Pumpkin Spice Edition :)

October Newsletter - Pumpkin Spice Edition :)

We join you in feeling great gratitude this upcoming Thanksgiving weekend. Remembering that gratitude opens the heart, heals the body and mind and keeps us in good spirits, let's enjoy this Thanksgiving 2019!









October Epsomgel Special

Epsomgel: Topical magnesium for pain relief.
Our overstock is to your advantage. For October, the 150 ml tube is at the 90 ml price! Regular $31.50, now $18.50! (While quantities last)


Beautiful Aromatherapy for the Bath

Here's a beautiful illustration of the effect that a few drops (2-5 drops) of

Aromatherapy can have in your bath, without the need for a big clean-up when you're done!

Our favourites tend to be the most relaxing essential oils, such as
Lavender, Frankincense, Geranium, Vanilla. We also have a wide range of synergy/blend suggestions.
As you can see, there are lots of possibilities! Read their descriptions to pick one for yourself.





NEW product feature: Deluxe Signature Jade Stone Set, 24 pieces
Uplevel your stone therapies with the traditional benefits that Jade
offers. Jade can be used either heated or cooled.



The Clinician is the choice of practitioners who want a table they can set at the perfect height for themselves and create a versatile and comfortable environment for their clients.

The Lift-assist Salon top comes with a choice of widths, padding and upholstery colours to create the most luxurious experience for your clients.

The access end top offers superior access and optional armrests increase the comfort and services that can be offered.


Our new website is up and running, ready for you to explore

Order online for delivery or pickup
Browse and buy from an extensive collection at our online store, always open, 24/7/365. Edmonton store and showroom: 10:00 - 6:00 Mon-Fri, 10:00-5:00 Sat.

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