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FREE SHIPPING offer on orders over $300.00*



4-Piece BodyCushion System is comprised of a Face, Chest and Pelvic Support with either a Split Leg Support or a Solid Leg Support.

Comes with comprehensive printed instructions with “freeze-framed” video images.

The bodyCushion is therapeutic, affording decompression of joints and relaxation of muscles.

Therapist Recommends: NOT JUST FOR PRENATAL! This was the single most useful purchase I made from the MTSO.  Initially purchased for a pregnant MVA patient,  I found it effective for almost everyone! The Body Cushion's support system  lessens facet joint compression in prone positioning, allowing for improved joint perfusion and muscle relaxation.   Translation?  Less pain during treatment for the patient, better treatment outcomes, and improved client retention.  And, as I was told by my first male patient who laid on it, "This is new isn't it?  I like this.  It's got room for my guys!"  Also surprisingly versatile for mobile work, being a fraction of the weight of a portable table or chair, and functional either fully extended or folded in half for chair massage (see manual for details). 

It is used as a body positioner for soft tissue work, physical therapy, acupuncture, chiropractic, acute/post-acute care, rehab, surgery and post-op.

It is used for pregnancy relief and massage. Check out the Body Cushion Pregnancy Package for video on how it is used.