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FREE SHIPPING offer on orders over $300.00*

Liquid Sunshine Massage Oil 4 litres


An ideal natural blend of 3 oils providing nourishing skin care for northern climates. This nut-free, unscented oil is suitable for a wide variety of massage applications.

  • Sunflower Seed oil, high in vitamins A, B, D & E, minerals & unsaturated fatty acids, is light and easily absorbed.
  •  Fractionated Coconut oil, also high in vitamin E, is a smooth, emollient, easily absorbed oil, providing consistent glide and excellent transport for Aromatherapy oils.
  •  Jojoba oil being rich in vitamins A, D & E, is also soothing and emollient.
  •  The effect is that both client and therapist finish with smooth moisturized skin.
  •  The inclusion of a natural water dispersant assures easy laundering.

WARNING: All oils, regardless of brand, can be combustible. Use caution when drying or storing linens that have been exposed to oils. Dryer heat can result in combustion even during storage. Consult dryer manufacturer's guideline for drying and storing linens exposed to oils.

Also available in other size - Link Here for 1 litre size