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Tables and Massage Equipment for Professional RMTs
Tables and Massage Equipment for Professional RMTs

Pure Almond Oil 500 mls


A light, non-greasy oil, Almond Oil has been used in Ayurvedic medecine for over 5,000 years, and is great as a carrier oil or for blending. Vitamin E and natural water dispenser added.

Almond Oil is credited with:

  • strengthening and volumizing hair when rubbed on the scalp

  • moisturizing skin thoroughly (even in cases of eczema)

  • reducing puffiness or dark circles under your eyes

  • decreasing stress

Almond Oil is also an excellent choice for aromatherapy: its light, simple scent is calming and subtle, so it's even a favourite among patients who dislike strong or overpowering scents.

Therapist Recommends: Tip: try an unblended, pure oil and see how it works for you - the weight, glide, absorption. Next time you are shopping for a gallon of something, you will have a better understanding of how the ingredient list translates into the real world. 

*Take care that people with nut allergies do not come into contact with Pure Almond Oil
(Read more about the incredible benefits of Almond Oil here)

Also available in other sizes -

Link Here for 250 ml1 litre, or 4 litres sizes.