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Healing Joint Pain Naturally by E.H. Brown


Suffering from severe arthritic hip pain, the author undertook extensive investigation into natural remedies and alternative medicines. Firmly convinced that disease was a message and a learning tool, and that simply suppressing the message would cause her to miss the lesson, she devised a unique home protocol of fasting and nutritional healing that resulted in the complete disappearance of her condition. 

In this informative, articulate, and well written book she shares the fruits of her experience, examining the causes of joint disease, and the roles of stress, poor nutrition, and energy blockage. She describes the therapeutic possibilities of altered diet and detoxification regimes, supplementation therapies, and regulation therapies ranging from exercise, massage, and chiropractic to chelation, homeopathy, and acupuncture.

Therapist Recommends: For your own health, or as a waiting room book, this is a great reference for a wholistic approach. 



-ISBN: 97807679095619