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Gift Certificates

Gift Certificates

Give your bottom line an extra boost with gift certificate sales, and reap the benefits over the summer!

Gift certificates are sometimes a toss up - immediately used or never redeemed.  Yet, they are a good way to bring in extra income and expand your clientele.  Between Father’s Day, grad and wedding season, this is the prime time of year to encourage your existing patients to introduce their friends and family to massage. 
  1. Don’t be afraid to sell.  Are you self-employed?  This is how you pay for your life.  Don’t be shy about selling yourself and your skills.  Subcontracting in a spa or for a chiropractor?  Earn your percentage, and show them you deserve a raise with increased sales and/or traffic.  Put up a small sign, and display an few examples of your gift certificates. 

  2. Package your gift certificates appropriately.  A nice envelope is good, but a box or bag with some extra goodies is better.  Individual sizes of foot lotion, a small bottle of massage oil, or a beautifully wrapped bag of bath salts tagged with your business card gussies up even the plainest of gift certificates.
  3. Sell an experience, not just a massage.  Add some stone therapy, aromatherapy, a pedicure or indian head massage.  Make their visit to your office one to remember, treat them well, and make sure they know you care about them. 
  4. Send them home with something.  At the end of one association meeting, the rep passed out small rubber balls of various sizes.  We all chose one, then came and stood in a circle.  "Take your shoes off, and place the ball under your foot.  Now move your foot around on it."   After a long day on my feet, it was the perfect mini-massage.  We all got to take home our little rubber balls, and I have never forgotten that experience.  For your new patients, it can be as simple as a bottle of water, a small bag of Epsom salts, a Figit.

At MTSO we have a great selection of Gift Certificates for your practice. Find them HERE.



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