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Prairie Electric Massage Table: RMT Review

Prairie Electric Massage Table: RMT Review

We've all done it. Walked into MTSO, glanced at the electric tables, thought, "Now that's out of my league" and continued on to grab our gallon of oil and new sets of sheets. What if, just what if, we stopped for 2 seconds and gave it a little more thought? Charmen did.

"Hi , my name is Charmen Kuzio and I have been a massage therapist going on 11 years. It was in January 2014 when I walked into the Massage Therapy Outlet Supply store and was introduced to the automatic massage table.

Now let me tell you, buying a piece of equipment like this was not in my budget especially just after Christmas, but I purchased it on my credit card anyway knowing I could only pay for half of it. Loaded the floor model into my vehicle and the rest is history.

How has it affected my life? Amazingly!! I cannot believe how it has allowed me to have more energy at the end of the day by just adjusting my table height an inch or two with a push of a button.

My back loves me for it as well! I was not asked to write this testimony, I offered, because I believe every massage therapist should invest in themselves like I did. I have not once regretted the decision nor have I looked back. I walked in to buy massage oil and walked out with a better quality life. - forever grateful,  Charmen Kuzio, RMT "

Now, I'm an RMT too, and once I read this I still had some questions in my mind, which Charmen was kind enough to answer.

What kind of practice do you have? I wondered about this, because an eclectic practice definitely requires more flexibility for table height.

Charmen replied - "I pretty much do a little of everything. Deep tissue, therapeutic, some relaxation, prenatal, mva…. I have dabbled a little into energy work such as tuning forks, body balance, and access bars."

My next question was, Has it really made that much of an impact on her work? Did she have to change any techniques or was it even noticeable?

"The table hasn't really changed my technique but I have noticed that I get way more leverage with deep tissue and I'm not having to step on my tippy toes anymore cause I can just lower the table when I need."  

Didn't need to change technique? More leverage?   Sounds good to me! But what about her patients, do they notice a difference?

"It is also so much more convenient for my elderly clients and people who have severe back or hip pain, especially to get on the table when I can lower it for them. Also people with hip and knee surgery. I just had a client who is 32 and needs hip surgery, and he even said how much easier it is for him to get on and off the table by lowering it."

So, easier for the patients too! This is starting to sound like a win-win. But, there's always an adjustment phase with new equipment. How long did it take Charmen to adjust? 

"It took a week to get used to it. I found I felt bad because I felt like I was disrupting the treatment, but now I just feel like by doing it helps me help them more efficiently. 

That sounds fair. Come to think of it, we actually "disrupt" treatments all the time - removing heating pads, adjusting limbs, telling people to turn on their side or their back - its all part of massage therapy. 

My next question, one I had to experience for myself, was exactly how "disruptive" is that raising/lowering of the table is? Is it jerky, or loud?   This question could only by answered by a STRENUOUS and difficult piece of field research - a relaxation massage appointment with my friend Beth, who has had her Prairie electric table for over a year now. I got myself on the table, and waited for the electric screech, the jerky start and stop...that never happened. The brief hum of the motor blended in with her music, and the table's operation was barely discernible.


I have to agree with Charmen! I've had my table in my office for a week now, and I already notice a difference in my back and shoulders. I have to wonder what it would have been like to have this table ten years ago, what techniques I would have been able to continue doing or had better results with. Not to mention how good it feels to be supporting local, ethical businesses that are using quality materials.

Want to be in this business long term? Next time you're at MTSO, check out the Prairie Electric table.

To quote Charmen - "I walked in to buy massage oil and walked out with a better quality life." 

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