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Tables and Massage Equipment for Professional RMTs
Tables and Massage Equipment for Professional RMTs
How was 2014 for You?

How was 2014 for You?

Rob Ford, Ebola, and Flappy Bird? All these and more were news making events of 2014, but what about your own professional year?

In amongst the hustle of the holidays, we encourage you to take a minute to reflect on your professional year as well.

Meeting the standard

Kudos to all those that have spent time jumping hoops and navigating through new insurance requirements in Alberta! Nothing says “professional” like a group of people that can take a challenge in stride and excel. We are grateful to our associations(link to provincial associations) for their strong leadership, advocacy, and spirit of cooperation.

Competency and Continuing Education

What educational opportunities did you experience this year? How much were you able to implement into your practice? Were there any products or tools that you wanted to try but didn’t, or found indispensable(link to electric table) to your practice? Were you able to grow your business or implement new strategies? From mobile checkout services to direct billing providers, the choices for small businesses continue to expand.


Likely, your goals for 2014 were more simple than being mayor of Toronto or keeping an epidemic under control. Maybe you were just trying to balance work, family, and health, working towards a sustainable routine and business. We at MTSO understand those goals, and have always worked towards investing locally, supporting Canadian businesses and providing quality products. From our famous locally-made sheets to Paradel and its best selling Myother gel, we are committed to bringing you quality supplies at a fair price. 

As a company, we encourage you to regularly take a step back from your practice, and evaluate what has worked, what hasn’t, and what you would like to see for yourself in the future. Whether it's in the form of a quarterly meeting with your supervisor, an online forum, or a casual conversation with a good friend, verbalizing or writing out your goals can be a powerful catalyst for sustainable change.


In health,

MTSO Staff.

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