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Tables and Massage Equipment for Professional RMTs
Tables and Massage Equipment for Professional RMTs
February Internet Roundup – Destination Education

February Internet Roundup – Destination Education

Efficiency used to be my middle name. An expert at multi-tasking, the idea of taking a vacation for its own sake seemed like a waste of time and money. I wouldn’t even think about leaving town unless I had two or three reasons to go somewhere. Although I’ve mellowed a bit, I still like the idea of combining activities. And, because this is the year I need my CEUs, I have been searching for a way to satisfy both my wanderlust and association requirements at the same time. This month’s Interweb Roundup is the results of my efforts to be as efficient as possible. 

Want to learn myofascial release in New Orleans? Craniosacral in Hong Kong? Check out the mother of all course listings, . International destinations, fascinating courses, qualified instructors. Check with your association before registering, as requirements vary depending on jurisdiction.

Myofascial release does intrigue me, specifically the John Barnes technique. I was happy to see on their website that not only do they offer training, but also the option of incorporating a vacation into the training. Here on their website, , they offer a few different locations suitable even for families.

Feeling more adventurous? Thai massage in its place of development may be appealing. offers a number of options for those who want to go to the source. As with all courses and travel, we recommend that you thoroughly research all options and go with a known referral if possible.

For guaranteed credit and intellectual satisfaction, is a decent standby. International locations, massage-applicable curricula, and a protected name make this an attractive option for many. Past courses have included activities such as cycling in Italy, and re-certification can include treating athletes at an Ironman event.

After much thought, I’ve managed to narrow my courses down to two options. Pending association approval, I hope to visit a new city this year and meet my CEU obligations at the same time. What about you? What are your favorite ways to travel and keep your education current?

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