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Spa Business Ideas - Internet Roundup

Spa Business Ideas - Internet Roundup


I woke up one day, and realized May was over. The entire month was gone, in a blur of tulips, unfurling leaves, sun-drenched afternoons and urgent “Can you get me/my son/my best friend’s dog walker in today?” text messages. And, of course, the requisite mountain excursion celebrating the return of summer.

In the midst of all of the above, some time was spent contemplating the diversity of massage practice in Alberta. I say Alberta because our province is unique with its range of associations, training, and professional identities. Included in that is a group that may be overlooked, the spa practitioner. In this month’s internet round up we take you to sites that support spa and salon business practices.

  1. American? Yes. Irrelevant to Canadian markets? Most definitely not. With real world suggestions regarding the use of social media for marketing, salon tours, and tips for increasing sales and retaining clientele, I lost count of how many practical things I learned on this site. Even if your practice has a more therapeutic focus, the business tips alone are worth the time it takes to check out this page.
  2. The official media partner of the Spa Industry Association of Canada, this website is a platform for all things spa – decor, techniques, managing employees, and all with a distinctly Canadian feel. Check out the Spring 2015 issue’s article on “The Perfect Massage” for tips on how to make your business stand out.
  3. The Salon Spa Business Solution offers business coaching for a price, but is also loaded with free advice on everything from hiring and firing to setting your prices. We recommend the Complimentary Resources section to start defining where you are and where you would like your business to be.

Owner or employee, working smarter not harder contributes not only to our income, but also to the evolution of our profession. Whether you prefer your treatment space clinically-fluorescent or candle-lit and aromatic, we hope this month’s Internet Roundup helps you grow.

In health,

MTSO staff

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