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Internet Roundup - controversy?

Internet Roundup - controversy?

"For now, these hot days, is the mad blood stirring." -   Romeo and Juliet, Act 3

The last thing Benvolio wanted was a fight. We are healers by profession, but do we often take a similar posture? When confronted with new ideas, do we put up a wall? Or, do we take a step back and admit the possibility of a different way of thinking? This month's Internet Roundup takes you to a few controversial sites, blog posts, or ideas directly relating to therapeutic massage.

With the expansion of modalities taking advantage of neuroplasticity, it seems a natural progression that research would expand beyond our current understanding of myofascial pain and look beyond, as I recently heard them called, "the victims". See the controversial article in Rheumatology/Oxford Journals.  Also check out the version in Controversial? Absolutely. Important? You decide.

While this is an older blog post, the reasoning and the ensuing debate on this website is more current than what I was taught, and intriguing. Check out Stop Stretching Is there science to back up his claims? How does it compare to what you or I see in our practices? Even if it goes against what we learned at school, and maybe even the last course we took, is it current medical knowledge?

Lastly, this website, authored by a former RMT Paul Ingraham: www.painscience.comWith tips and advice for professionals and the public alike, this is worth a serious read. 

 Summer is a slower time, but it doesn't have to be wasted time. Got a few minutes in between appointments? Take a scan through some of the above websites. Compare it to your own therapeutic experience, and see how it stacks up. Talk to your colleagues about it. And though it may be hot outside, keep your cool!

 In peace,  MTSO staff

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