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Outcome-Based Massage: Across the Continuum of Care 4rd ed by Andrade


Outcome-Based Massage by Andrade 

Outcome-Based Massage is the first text to introduce soft tissue massage techniques with functional outcomes in mind. By establishing a critical thinking process for incorporating massage into therapeutic practice, students and clinicians from a variety of health care professions can benefit from this valuable guide. 

This unique text instructs readers how to: 

  • Identify impairments through the client examination 
  • Select appropriate massage techniques for treating impairments and achieving functional outcomes 
  • Plan interventions that integrate massage techniques with other treatment techniques Apply massage using the correct manual techniques 
  • Plan for the discharge of the client 

Outstanding features

  • Demonstrate how to use techniques in practice with superb photographic illustrations, boxes, charts, figures and clinical examples
  • Presenting practice sequences that lead readers through the application of each technique 
  • Providing 23 categories of impairment-level outcomes of care for orthopedic, neurological, cardiopulmonary, psycho-neurimmunologic and central nervous system conditions, that can be achieved using massage techniques Incorporating current models of disablement, critical thinking methods and evaluation techniques into a single problem-solving approach that is consistent with the APTA's Guide to Physical Therapists practice 
  • Discussing the interpersonal aspects of massage in clinical care

Therapist Recommends: Recommended resource for the assessment and treatment planning by the NHPC for the CEE.