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Letters: Shamcher Beorse and Carol Sill, 1974-1977


This book of letters reveals an intimate and unique relationship between a teacher and pupil on the Sufi path. A contemporary western mystic, Shamcher Beorse had been a pupil of the great Sufi, Pir-o-Murshid Inayat Khan in the 1920’s. Carol Sill was a young beginner on the spiritual path, grieving the sudden death of her only son. Fly along as Shamcher intuitively guides her through the winding routes of Love’s progress, growth and development. With Shamcher by her side she opened to a world that had been previously closed to her. Share her discoveries as a dazzled and astonished neophyte. This process of inner development is all documented through the original correspondence. Read this book as it was written: as an unfolding correspondence of the soul.

Therapist Recommends: It has been said that trauma lives in the nervous system and speaks through the body. Follow one woman's journey to healing through spiritual enlightenment. 



Paperback: 212 pages,  ISBN: 9780978170554

Publisher: Alpha Glyph Publications, Ltd.

These letters were written in Edmonton during the mid-seventies.

Praise for LETTERS

"Intimate" "Symphonic" "Beautiful" "My heart thanks you"

"The relationship between spiritual teacher and student is uniquely intimate and mysterious. It calls upon us to expand our limited definitions of love, lovers and the Beloved. In “Letters”, we are invited to witness such an expanded love relationship between souls. The discourse is deeply personal and yet the wisdom transmission between teacher and student speaks to each of us and is universally accessible. Akin to the poetry of Rumi, the Shamcher letters present Sufi themes that ignite the mind and heart, without the distraction of religious dogma. Given that Carol met Shamcher in the wake of her profound personal loss, Letters is also a story of a soul’s healing journey and evolution through the gift of loving spiritual friendship. I feel deeply appreciative and ignited by Carol’s book and recommend it highly to seekers of love harmony and beauty everywhere." - Nancy Mortifee


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