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Make Your Own! Sun and Wind Relief Essential Oil Blend

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This very easy and effective recipe combines Frankincense (10 drops, )
Lavender or Ho Wood (10 drops) and 
Chamomile (2 drops).

Put your blend into 60ml of either Jojoba or Fractionated coconut oil, and 
keep on hand for both morning and evening application to sun or wind-burnt skin.

This blend can also be made ahead in aloe vera gel and kept in the fridge to really cool a fresh burn.

It's a great blend to have on hand for your clients, and kids as well.

Put it all in our 60 ml bottle and you're ready for summer sun and wind. 

Marie Wilkinson, our resident aromatherapist says: "Each of the essential oils in this blend are analgesic, anti-inflammatory
 and support speedy tissue healing. They are: Chamomile, Lavender or Ho Wood and Frankincense. Ho Wood has a similar action and profile to Lavender but isn't floral."

All essential oils, carrier oils and even the 60 ml bottle are available now at Massage  Therapy Supply Outlet.

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Mid-Summer Greetings from MTSO!

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Honouring the River Valley

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